Welcome To Night Parables

Here at Night Parables I talk about supernatural, God given dreams and visions.  I have heard it said that dreams from God are His way of getting our attention when our logical mind is not going to get in the way.  When He has our undivided attention, He gives us what I like to call “night parables”.

We have a loving Father in heaven who desires fellowship with  his children, and He will move heaven and earth to communicate to us.  He not only speaks to us in dreams and visions, but through His creation, His Word, His people, and through everything around us!

Here, I want to share what I’ve studied about my own dreams visions and the way God has spoken to me over the years, I hope it encourages you.

Here at nightparables.com, you will find a dream dictionary of Biblical dream symbols, examples of dreams I have had, plus testimonies of the dreams and visions of others including their interpretations.  Also I have added a music page of songs the Lord has given me for time in intercessory prayer and meditation.

My heart is toward those who may be experiencing prophetic dreams, visions and other ways God speaks to us in our surroundings, but don’t really understand that these messages are from the Father.

God is pouring out His Spirit among his children, and we need to take this seriously, without second guessing that these messages in the night are from the creator of the universe!

Well,  enough said here.  Come take a look around, and don’t forget to follow nightparables.com!

Many blessings!












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