Words of Knowledge

God Sends Those Who Are Willing


This is a photo from my son’s wedding.  My husband Dan ( left)  is talking to our handsome son Danny (right), just before he took his beautiful bride, Landree, as his wife.

Dan has been seized by God (when it comes to the supernatural).  Below is his testimonial on how God has used him to be a blessing to others, as he obediently follows the voice of God for his Kingdom Appointments

I was raised in a very conservative Christian home. More importantly, I went to an extremely conservative Baptist church. The Holy Spirit moving was, at most, our personal Jiminy Cricket on our shoulder to be our guide via the conscience. We went to church on Sunday Mornings, youth group Sunday nights and had AWANA on Wednesday nights. With that being said, I was, in my mind, not a candidate for actually hearing from God through dreams and/or visions. However, God moved in such a huge way in my life, I came to realize that my relationship with Jesus was a thousand feet wide and only a few inches deep.

God put me into an experience that forced me to either run to God or to run from God. I ran to Him. I spent everyday listening to scripture, seeking wise Christian counsel and praying for God to move. He did! During that process, the Holy Spirit began to drop things into my mind about others, very specific but simple things. For example, a close friend of mine clearly came to mind and I knew he was in need of support. My job was to call him and tell him God wanted me to pray with him. I was not comfortable calling him and saying, “hey Bud, I know this sounds crazy but God wants me to pray with you.” Although I felt uneasy, I called. My friend was shocked and immediately told me about some major issues he was dealing with that day, and welcomed my support and prayer. This was the beginning.

There are three specific dreams/visions I would like to share with you that I have received from God in the past few years.

      1. While in church on a Sunday morning, I received a vision of a man. He looked very much like a Mr. Clean, a big man with a bald head. He was visibly upset and believed his dilemma was one he had to deal with on his own. He believed no one would understand. He was so upset, he didn’t want to even be at church. Although I tried to dismiss the thought of approaching him with my vision from God, God was relentless in keeping it coming to the forefront of my mind. About 10 minutes prior to the end of the service, I saw a man walking to the back of the church. He looked EXACTLY like the man I had in the vision. God said, “God now!!” I immediately made a b-line for the back of the church. I was able to catch him just before he got to the back door. I told him about what I had seen and asked if I could pray for him. This big, tough dude dropped down his guard and began to weep. He confirmed the vision and we prayed.
      2. During another morning service, I saw a young man sitting by himself at the back of the church. He looked very sad. I prayed for him and when I did, I received a vision that he was fighting in a battle. He was exhausted from this battle as it had been one he had been fighting for quite some time. He was just about to drop his sword and give up. Just then, Jesus came to him, held him up and gave him the strength he needed to go on. Jesus did not fight the battle for the young man, Jesus gave him strength. I also understood the battle was not with an enemy, it was with his family. He was fighting for his family, but against them. I approached the young man and told him what God showed me on his behalf. The young man told me his story. He had recently accepted Jesus as his Savior and his wife and kids were pushing back against him as a result. He felt all alone in this struggle. He was encouraged by the vision and believed this vision from God is what he needed to love his family into the kingdom. We prayed for strength and encouragement.
      3. The last story was a dream. I don’t often remember dreams but this one was clear and strong. I was walking down a paved country road with several other people. We were in a work crew of some sort and were doing work on the road as we walked. I was only able to recognize one person on the crew and he was the crew leader. The man was a person I was familiar with from our church. We were approaching a blind curve and the man was warning us of the danger we faced ahead because of the curve. We were all watching out for each other as we approached the curve. Just as we got around the curve, this man was directing us and he didn’t see a very large truck approaching from behind him. I yelled to him in an effort to warn him of the truck but he couldn’t hear my warnings. The truck was an oversized truck with abnormally large tires. The truck intentionally struck the man and sped away. The whole crew quickly ran to his aid. As we moved him to the side of the road, he sat up and said, “it’s okay, I’m okay. I’m in pain but I will be okay.” That was the end of the dream.I prayed for understanding as to what the dream meant and if I needed to share the dream with the man. I received clarity about parts of the dream but not everything about the dream. The truck was an attack that was coming. Not just any normal everyday attack but a life changing attack. I could tell him this was going to be very difficult but he would be okay. Also, he was going to be the one others looked to when the attack came. As I shared the dream with this man, neither of us knew specifically what the attack was, when it would come or the nature of the attack. Since this dream, the man found out his son had cancer. His son lost the battle to cancer, but won the battle of life as he went to be with Jesus. I believe this was what the dream was about. To encourage the man in the light of a life changing experience.