Are Heaven and Hell Real?


I just watched an amazing testimony.  I have heard similar testimonies of people dying going to hell going to heaven and then going to earth,  but this particular testimony is extremely detailed.

A woman gets on the bus and the driver doesn’t close the back door. In a hurry to catch the light he makes a sharp left turn, flinging her out of the bus.  She dies immediately because of severe head injuries.


In the video 👈 she goes on to describe her  intricately vivid, horrifying and beautiful experience as she leaves her body.

Her testimony makes me think about my life on earth. It makes me feel the urgency to tell everybody about Jesus right now!! It makes me wonder if in my lifetime have I told enough people about my Lord, or have I been too timid ; too fearful of what people might think if I start preaching and start evangelizing to everyone I  come in contact with?

I’m feeling convicted that if I care more about the world and what it says about me, then the answer would be no I should not share. But if I care more about eternal consequences and kingdom moments which will impact lives for eternity, then the answer would be yes, I should share the gospel with everyone I come in contact with.

I have felt the Holy Spirit tugging on my heart within the last week, because He has been inviting me to go to a new level with Him. I am convicted I need to walk in the destiny that God has called me to. And if I live a life of mediocrity, then my impact here on earth would have been mediocre at best.

Father, I pray today that you forgive me for missing those kingdom opportunities to share who you are.  Forgive me Lord for passing up opportunities to walk in my destiny as your daughter; your heir.

We live in a lost world and it needs your love, your perfect love. Holy Spirit, guide me toward those whom I must share your truth.

Order my steps Lord as you go before me, preparing hearts to receive your gift of eternal life so they can live in peace with you for eternity.

I step out in faith today. Please open my ears so I can hear your voice loud and clear as you guide my every step.

I know that heaven and hell are real, but those who do not know you as their Lord and Savior do NOT know that heaven and hell are real!

I pray that you shine inside me that I may be used to spread your sweet fragrance wherever I go. I pray that I decrease as you increase.