1 Reason God says “I Am With You”

The phrase said by God “I am with you” shows up in the Bible a lot, and depending on the version you look up, the words:  I, am, with and you show up 496 times. 

To understand why God says “I am with you” in the Bible, you must understand the person to whom He is speaking.   He is speaking to a person who belongs to Him.  He is telling them that if they seek Him and obey Him, He will fight their battles and win, assuring victory for that person or for that believer…AKA… Christian.  To  👉 become a believer in Jesus  is critical when calling on the promises of God.

It’s a promise!  I am with you is a promise….and like all of the promises in scripture, they are only for the believer who believes He is Lord, and follow Him.

There are a multitude of stories in the Bible that include God telling His people that He is with them, and I know without a doubt that when I am reading those stories, God is also speaking to me.

I remember going through a very intense spiritual battle in my life, when the Lord told me He was with me.  (I shared about it in a previous post Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus ) So, not understanding what He meant, I went directly to the scriptures and asked Him to tell me what He meant by telling me this.

As I studied the Word, God showed me how to study the Bible to better understand His heart and character.  During my search, I found a lot of verses that included this meaningful phrase using cross referencing….(a way to study the Bible following references included at the bottom of each page of the Bible.)

It’s a promise!  I am with you is a promise….and like all of the promises in scripture, they are only for the believer who believes He is Lord, and follow Him.

If you are facing a seemingly impossible situation, remember that God loves you and He is with you!  He wants you to dig deep into the Bible, His Word.  As you do this, the heart of the father will be revealed to you, and you’ll get amazing, mind blowing, life transforming answers…I promise!

Before we say bye for now,  I’ve included some scriptures that include the phrase “I am with you”  from 👉 Blue Letter Bible.  (I can’t express enough how amazing this tool was for me when I really needed results…and they have an 👉app!)

Verses including the phrase “I am with you” from Blue Letter Bible:

‘You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem!’ Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the LORD is with you.

Genesis 26:24

And the LORD appeared to him the same night and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you and multiply your descendants for My servant Abraham’s sake.”

“Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.”
So his armorbearer said to him, “Do all that is in your heart. Go then; here I am with you, according to your heart.”
Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
Fear not, for I am with you;
I will bring your descendants from the east,
And gather you from the west;
Do not be afraid of their faces,
For I am with you to deliver you,” says the LORD.
They will fight against you,
But they shall not prevail against you.
For I am with you,” says the LORD, “to deliver you.”
And I will make you to this people a fortified bronze wall;
And they will fight against you,
But they shall not prevail against you;
For I am with you to save you
And deliver you,” says the LORD.
For I am with you,’ says the LORD, ‘to save you;
Though I make a full end of all nations where I have scattered you,
Yet I will not make a complete end of you.
But I will correct you in justice,
And will not let you go altogether unpunished.’
‘Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon, of whom you are afraid; do not be afraid of him,’ says the LORD, ‘for I am with you, to save you and deliver you from his hand.
Then Haggai, the LORD’s messenger, spoke the LORD’s message to the people, saying, I am with you, says the LORD.”
‘Yet now be strong, Zerubbabel,’ says the LORD; ‘and be strong, Joshua, son of Jehozadak, the high priest; and be strong, all you people of the land,’ says the LORD, ‘and work; for I am with you,’ says the LORD of hosts.
“teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.
“for I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city.”
For though I am absent in the flesh, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ.

Deuteronomy 20:3-4

“And he shall say to them, ‘Hear, O Israel: Today you are on the verge of battle with your enemies. Do not let your heart faint, do not be afraid, and do not tremble or be terrified because of them ‘for the LORD your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.’

Did God Wake Me Up?


Anyone find themselves waking up at three, four or even five o’clock in the morning?  Like on the dot, not one minute more or one minute less.  Who’s with me?

I just learned that in Jewish culture, the Jews believed God roamed the earth around this time during what the Bible refers to as the “Fourth Watch”, the last watch between three and six in the morning.  Mark 6:45-52, Luke 5:3-5, Mark 1:35, John 11:9.

There were four watches.  The first watch was from six p.m. to nine p.m. , the second watch was from nine p.m. to twelve a.m. , the third watch was from twelve a.m. to three a.m. and fourth watch was from three a.m to six a.m.  Jesus often prayed during the fourth watch, and some scholars believe that He did this because He believed the Jewish belief that God roamed the earth to impart the secrets of His heart; imparting dreams and night visions.

Anyone find themselves waking up at three, four or even five o’clock in the morning?  Like on the dot, not one minute more or one minute less.  Who’s with me?

I have often found myself waking up at exactly four o’clock in the morning.  Not one minute more, not one minute less.  But I didn’t understand why!  I’ve actually asked some of my friends if they also wake up around this time, and a lot of them said yes.  But we chalked it up to hormones. Haha.

I watch a lot of videos featuring some of my favorite pastors and teachers.  You know how You Tube will suggest what you might like to watch next?  Well this suggestion was for a video on the fourth watch by Pastor Perry Stone.  I watched it, and I was amazed how the Lord used it to answer the question I have had for years….”What is it with my sudden, early morning lack of melatonin?”

Years ago, during a seemingly impossible fight in my life, the Lord woke me up at four a.m. (I noted it in my Bible.)  The Lord said to get up and read the scriptures. So with my groggy, blurry vision I popped opened the Bible and it fell to the book of Daniel (to the part where Daniel prayed to the Lord for revealing the mysteries of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.)  It was really important that Daniel get the interpretation, because if not, he and his friends would be killed the next day.   The part in the story that jumped out to me was where Daniel says to God..You are the God who gives the mysteries of your heart.  Please reveal this mystery to me so I can deliver the meaning to King Neb! (totally paraphrased)

So after I read it, I prayed…”God would you reveal the mysteries of what is happening to me?  What will happen to me?!?”  Then I fell back to sleep only to wake up about an hour later with sounds of shouting angels.  I had a dream from the Lord which showed me the court room where I had been literally fighting for my life.  He showed me that as He would be fighting for my victory,  loud choirs of angels would shout “By the Spirit of the Lord!”  in the spirit realm.

Three years later, the victory was won!  I was rescued and delivered by the Spirit of the Lord, just like the four a.m. night vision showed me; the mysteries, the secrets of God’s heart as He roamed the earth during the fourth watch.  I’ll never forget it as long as I live, and I hung on to that night vision until the day I was delivered.

I know that was what the Lord woke me up for, and I wonder how many other people He woke up at the same time, urging them to pray!

That four a.m. awakening by the Lord was more of an urgency for me and my life, but what about when God wakes us up to give us a burden to pray for others?

Now that I think of it, I had a fourth watch prayer appointment just a few months ago.  I woke up somewhere between two and four  a.m.  (this time I didn’t look at the clock, but I remember it was dark and everyone in the house had been asleep for a while).  I woke up with a strong burden for someone I didn’t even know.  I knew in my spirit that it was a young (perhaps college aged) girl who had been out too late; maybe partying, and she was in a lot of serious trouble.  I immediately recognized the Lord was asking me to pray, and in my spirit I knew it was Him urging me to pray for her safety.  So I did.

About three days later, I was at work when a colleague of mine, who’s husband works for the sheriff’s department, asked me if I’d heard about the young lady who had been raped.  (OK, if your anything like me, you are so sensitive that you don’t like hearing this stuff because it stays with you forever.  I almost told her I didn’t want to know, but I went ahead and listened to her anyway, and I’m glad I did because it taught me a valuable lesson)

She went on to tell me the story of what happened.  She said that a young sixteen year old girl had been at a college party where a young man and two of his friends offered to bring her home.  He (the driver) and the other two boys, stopped by his (the driver’s) house and told her he had to get something really quick.  It turned out he took his roommate’s cash for rent and a shotgun.  They ended up raping her by gunpoint.  I’ll spare you the details.  But when law enforcement received a call from the perpetrator’s roommate saying he stole his rent money and reported it giving a description of his car, they went looking for him.

Later, around two to three a.m. a deputy spotted the car in a park along the river.  Not knowing what he would find, they approached the car and saw the driver in the front seat, (with the shot gun between his seat and the middle console) and a terrified young girl with two boys in the back seat. He ended up arresting the boys and later they were charged accordingly.

( My son, who serves with the National Guard, told me about this app called “Mayday” . Now we all have it installed on our smart phones in case one of us is in trouble.  It’s worth checking out, you can find it at your app store.)

This story makes me so sick, so burdened.  But I know it was the reason the Lord woke me up.  I wonder how many other people He woke up at the same time, urging them to pray!  Our intersession is powerful, and He invites us to make a difference y’all!!  God only knows what could have happened if the deputy didn’t get the call from the roommate and go looking for him.  I believe the rescue was a result of prayer.  I haven’t heard about how the young girl is doing, but I pray for her healing and salvation if she’s not saved.

Lord, help me be aware of what you are telling me in my spirit.  I want to pray for those who are in need of safety and healing.  Please don’t let me sleep though the fourth watch.  I want to be a part of what you are doing on behalf of those is need.” Amen

Declaration Day 14

I declare that God is bringing about new seasons of growth. I will not get stagnant and hold on to the old. I will be open to change knowing that God has something better in front of me. New doors of opportunity, new relationships, and new levels of favor are in my future. This is my declaration.

This was Declaration Day 13. It’s amazing how the Lord shows he is listening to us!

We are seeing financial growth in our own community. After so much struggle, our American economy is on the rise.

In years past, my husband and I have seemed to catch the housing market at the wrong time. We always bought when the market was high and sold when the market was low, not the way things are supposed to go if you want to come out on the better side of the deal.

As many of you know, we have been through complete financial devastation and have had to rebuild our financial lives through a lot of prayer.

God is faithful and gave us everything back, plus more. Now, as I sit on my balcony sipping my coffee before I go to work, I am watching the signs of blessing before my eyes.

This picture is of the property next to us that sat vacant for years, and now the owners have decided to build on it because the housing market has skyrocketed. Houses and properties are selling like hot cakes! Probably a first for about twenty years.

Bless the Lord!! Since we bought our home in 2015, It has increased in value by 33.333% That’s 1/3rd more than what we paid in just three years! What a difference from our previous experiences with real estate!

Now for today’s declaration of faith, Day 14.

“I declare that I will use my words to bless people. I will speak favor and victory over my family, friends, and love ones. I will help call out there seeds of greatness by telling them “I’m proud of you, I love you, you are amazing, you are talented, you are beautiful, you will do great things in life.” This is my declaration.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness! You are perfect in all of your ways. We trust you for your provisions of all we hope for and hope to become. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Amen.

This is from Psalm 119, The Passion Translation

Here’s an article about our rising economy, we thank God for our leaders, and commit to continued prayer for them.


Declaration Day 12

I declare I am special and extraordinary. I am not average! I have been custom made. I am one of a kind. Of all things God has created what he is the most proud of is me. I am his masterpiece, his most prized possession. I will keep my head held high, knowing I am a child of the most high God, made in his very image. This is my declaration.

Declaration Day 11


Thank you Lord, that you have set me on a hill with favor, as you have restored the things the locusts have eaten.

Thank you for speaking secrets from heaven to me. As I read your word, your secrets of blessings, physical vitality, emotional strength and spiritual wholeness are revealed.

Thank you that I will look back on today as a day of struggle compared to what you are about to bring me.

Your increase and your favor are on me now, and from this day forward you will see it all through, because I seek your kingdom first.

“You have brought me out into a broad place and you have delivered me because you delighted in me. ”

Psalm 18:19

Declaration Day 10


Well, it’s been a few days since my last post, but I have been declaring these declarations over my life and God has opened my eyes to see how He moves. He is amazing!

Today is day ten’s declaration. I’ve been lingering on this one for several days because it’s the one that He is highlighting for me, as I see His faithfulness and the evidence that He is working behind the scenes. He wants to bless us when we draw near to Him.

As a result of saying this one out loud, I’ve received several of what I like to call “snap shot visions” of the fulfillment of this declaration for my life!

Plus, He has brought so much favor to me this week!

Read this out loud, it’s powerful.

“I declare that God will accelerate His plan for my life as I put my trust in Him. I will accomplish my dreams faster than I thought possible. It will not take years to overcome an obstacle, become healthier, to pay off debt, or to meet the right person God wants to use to accomplish these victories. God is doing things faster than before, He will give me victory sooner than I think. He has blessings that will thrust me years ahead. This is my declaration.”

“Indeed before the day was, I am He; And there is no one who can deliver out of My hand;I work, and who will reverse it?” Is 43:13 BLB

Declaration Day 9

Say it out loud with me!

“I declare unexpected blessings are coming my way. I will move forward from barely making it to having more than enough. God will open up supernatural doors for me. He will speak to the right people about me. I will see Ephesians 3:20 exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond favor increase in my life. This is my declaration.”

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20-21

Blue Letter Bible