Biblical Dream Dictionary


Biblical Dream Dictionary

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demon, anti Christ, Believer (aliens of this world), fallen angel,


Individual church or ministry. If airplane is taking off ministry is “taking off” if crashing, ministry is crashing. Depending on the type of plane, the dream will indicate what type of ministry or situation. (Acts 8:39, Ezek. 3:14)


Because aluminum is a pliable metal, and heat sensitive, it may represent a person in ministry with the same qualities; being able to bend and move easily by the Holy Spirit. If you see a person associated to the aluminum, it may represent a ministry similar to the person in the dream.

In my case, I had a dream where I was walking down aluminum stairs to a house of a friend of ours (but it wasn’t their house in the temporal) with a powerful spirit filled ministry. It turned out, I had been praying fervently for a home to buy, because we had lost everything, including our home several years back. The dream with the aluminum stairs meant I was going to occupy this house in the future and have a spirit filled ministry. The stairs at this house were identical to the dream. They were literally going down. (Acts 13:2)


Rescue, Jesus, emergency, urgent situation needing immediate attention, warning. (Exodus 6:6)


Part of the body of Christ. To help. Arms raised worship or prayer. Arms tied, “my hands are tied, I cant help you” Strength in battle or protection of God (In His Arms) (1 Cor 12:12, Gen 49:24, Deut 33:27, 2 Sam 22:35)


Ministry, new ministry, depending on the age of the baby, development, could mean the length of the ministry or time until the fruition of the ministry, expectancy, blessing (Gen 16:11 Gen 18:13)


Shame, humility. Shaved head, being humbled. mourning, sorrow. (Lev21:25, Jer 16:6, Jer 48:37)


Intimacy with the father.  Under sheets in bed: agreement or covenant with someone or someone representing a ministry, church or organization, adultery or judgement. (Exod 8:3 1 Kings 21:4)


Evil not of God, death, demonic, opposite of God, flesh, judgement of God (Jer 4:28 Rev 6:12)


Special anointing. Covering, pay attention to the color or colors. Agreement or covenant. Prophetic (Judges 4:18 Exodus 25:20 Exodus 39:34 Gen 37:3 )


Dark Blue Holy Spirit , light blue flesh. If someone is wearing one or the other , it signifies the heart of the person. (Exodus 36:8 Numbers 4:7)


Church or ministry . Cruise liner, huge ministry or church (John 6:22 Gen 17:10, Gen 38:24)


Word of God, affliction, life, Jesus, fellowship, blessing, provision (Gen 41:54, Gen 19:3 Act 2:42)


Bride of Christ/Church or actual person.


A persons life. Your life. If you are driving, it is you leading your life, if someone else is driving, it could mean they are taking over in your life or leading you where you may or may not want to go. If reversing, means going back into the past. Crash means destruction in your life. (exude 14:6, 2 Sam 8:4)

Child Birth:

Birthing, beginning of ministry, creativity. Actual birth. (Psalm 22:10)

Cloak or Mantle:

Covering, position, ministry, authority, anointing, prophetic anointing. (Gen 37:3, 1 Sam 28:14, 2Kings 2:8, 2 Kings 2:14)



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