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Remember to write down your dreams, and circle the symbols so you have them listed in one place. Four Steps To Dream Journaling


demon, anti Christ, Believer (aliens of this world), fallen angel,


Individual church or ministry. If airplane is taking off ministry is “taking off” if crashing, ministry is crashing. Depending on the type of plane, the dream will indicate what type of ministry or situation. (Acts 8:39, Ezek. 3:14)


Because aluminum is a pliable metal, and heat sensitive, it may represent a person in ministry with the same qualities; being able to bend and move easily by the Holy Spirit. If you see a person associated to the aluminum, it may represent a ministry similar to the person in the dream.

In my case, I had a dream where I was walking down aluminum stairs to a house of a friend of ours (but it wasn’t their house in the temporal) with a powerful spirit filled ministry. It turned out, I had been praying fervently for a home to buy, because we had lost everything, including our home several years back. The dream with the aluminum stairs meant I was going to occupy this house in the future and have a spirit filled ministry. The stairs at this house were identical to the dream. They were literally going down. (Acts 13:2)


Rescue, Jesus, emergency, urgent situation needing immediate attention, warning. (Exodus 6:6)


Part of the body of Christ. To help. Arms raised worship or prayer. Arms tied, “my hands are tied, I cant help you” Strength in battle or protection of God (In His Arms) (1 Cor 12:12, Gen 49:24, Deut 33:27, 2 Sam 22:35)


Ministry, new ministry, depending on the age of the baby, development, could mean the length of the ministry or time until the fruition of the ministry, expectancy, blessing (Gen 16:11 Gen 18:13)


Shame, humility. Shaved head, being humbled. mourning, sorrow. (Lev21:25, Jer 16:6, Jer 48:37)


Intimacy with the father.  Under sheets in bed: agreement or covenant with someone or someone representing a ministry, church or organization, adultery or judgement. (Exod 8:3 1 Kings 21:4)


Evil not of God, death, demonic, opposite of God, flesh, judgement of God (Jer 4:28 Rev 6:12)


Special anointing. Covering, pay attention to the color or colors. Agreement or covenant. Prophetic (Judges 4:18 Exodus 25:20 Exodus 39:34 Gen 37:3 )


Dark Blue Holy Spirit , light blue flesh. If someone is wearing one or the other , it signifies the heart of the person. (Exodus 36:8 Numbers 4:7)


Church or ministry . Cruise liner, huge ministry or church (John 6:22 Gen 17:10, Gen 38:24)


Word of God, affliction, life, Jesus, fellowship, blessing, provision (Gen 41:54, Gen 19:3 Act 2:42)


Bride of Christ/Church or actual person.


A persons life. Your life. If you are driving, it is you leading your life, if someone else is driving, it could mean they are taking over in your life or leading you where you may or may not want to go. If reversing, means going back into the past. Crash means destruction in your life. (exude 14:6, 2 Sam 8:4)

Child Birth:

Birthing, beginning of ministry, creativity. Actual birth. (Psalm 22:10)

Cloak or Mantle:

Covering, position, ministry, authority, anointing, prophetic anointing. (Gen 37:3, 1 Sam 28:14, 2Kings 2:8, 2 Kings 2:14)


Position or role. Pay attention to the color of the coat and look up individual colors. May also mean a choice of different ministry roles or employment if you are looking at several coats, and are choosing one. Joseph had a coat of many colors. It meant he had a special role and ministry among his family. (See Cloak or Mantle)  (1Sam 28:14, 1Kings 19:13, 1Kings 19:19)


Relaxing, refreshing,waiting. (Gen 49:15, Exodus 16:23)


Lack of spiritual nourishment.  Crumbling away an idea of dry bones, lack of the Word


Dark dreams are usually demonic in nature.  If it is at night or you can barely see in the dream or feel fearful, it’s not from God and you should dismiss that dream and pray for protection. (Psalm 88:6; Psalm 82:5) Know who you are in Christ.  True believers have authority over evil through the blood of Jesus Christ. We are seated at the right hand of the Father. (Ephesians 2)

Dirt road:

Muddy road: going deep into the muck, muddy or rough road ahead, mud slinging, journey, redirection (Mic 7:10, Act 22:6)


Friend. Gentile, lowly, Sin and flesh, a dog returns to his vomit. (Exodus 11:7 ; Deut 23:18, 1 Sam 17:43; 2 Kings 8:3)


Walking through a door..God given opportunity. Many doors closed, possible opportunities if one is chosen and door is opened. Feet at threshold of a door, awaiting a blessing. God working. Jesus ( He is the Door) (Rev 3:8; Rev 4:1; Rev 3:20)


God’s power (Job 37:3)


Holy Spirit; God (Mark 12:26 ,Exodus 3:20)


Rescuer, Jesus. (Exodus 6:6, Josh 2:13)

Fire truck:

Powerful deliverance ministry (1 Chronicles 19:7,1 Kings 20:25)


Believers in the Holy Spirit…(in water)  If out of water, a believer not operating in the Holy Spirit.  If fish is flying, it means a believer soaring in the spiritual/prophetic gifts. ( Matt 4:19)


In a plane as a passenger, you are part of the Church or ministry and going where they lead.

Soaring or flying in the air. Soaring in the spirit. The higher you are flying, the deeper in the spiritual things (Isaiah 40:31, Gen 1:2)


The fruit of the spirit see scripture (Galatians 5:22 -23)


Holy Spirit (if wearing blue), Church, ministry affiliated with the church.


Prophetic; heart, person or church carrying the Holy Spirit; Holy Spirit, living inside a believer. 9Matt 5:8)


Purity, Holy Spirit, God, (Gold earnings- hearing the voice of God) (Wedding ring-covenant with God.) Prosperity, King, Royalty Idols (Gen 13:2; Gen 24:22; Exodus 25:11)


reptile, envy,greed,demonic,fresh,new (Is 27:1; Psalm 58:40)

Grilling Outdoor:

Preaching ministry, outdoor ministry, if cooking meat, a meaty ministry, preaching deeper things of God, not milk for baby Christians. (John 6:51, Luke 24:42)


Worship, Worship Leader (1 Sam 10:50)


Gum disease means a problem with the heart. Hidden problem that needs healing by God. Matt 15:18-19, Proverbs 12:18)


Gods glory (Is 3:24)


Seeing a hand in your dream can mean many different things, it depends entirely on the context–depending on how you see it, and who it belongs to.  A hand reaching out may mean you are being invited to join.  If you see a hand giving, it means provision or prosperity.  If you see it taking, it may mean stealing from you or warning of loss.  Other meanings may include: Doing-work, hands folded–laziness, hands tied-control, heart, judgement, prayer. (Ex 32-34, Gen 20:5,  Gen 31:42, Gen 37:22, Lev 16:21)

So, look at the context and pray the Lord gives you wisdom to understand it’s meaning.

In one of my dreams, I have seen a loving man reaching out his hand toward me, then I put my hand in his.  The Lord revealed He was the man, and He was inviting me to the depths of his love.


God may be turning up the heat on a situation. Fire. Tribulation, judgement, holy spirit fire. On fire for God. (James 1:31, Jas 1:12)


Heart, or actual house. (Lev 14:53, Matt 12:44)


Heart (Mark 15:42)


Spiritual walk or standing in the Lord. ( Ephesians 6:11-13) Legs impaired.lacking spiritually.


If the man is peaceful,gentle and good, it may be Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Jesus often times can be in his clothes a carpenter would wear in modern day, or the robe he would have worn. The Holy Spirit is usually represented as a gentleman in a suit. Either dark blue or sometimes in a tuxedo. The man in your dream could also signify the actual man, or represent a church or organization from where they may be associated with. IF the man is intimidating in nature it symbolizes a demon.  If complimentary, feeding the flesh, it would mean spirit of pride. (Judges 13:10, Acts 16:9)


Spiritual milk. Baby Christians eat milk, baby food. Land of Milk and honey, God’s promise, prosperity  (Exodus 3:8)


Looking into the mirror may symbolize self examination. or self evaluating. Perhaps it may mean you are evaluating your heart or feeling convicted. Pay attention to the way you feel in dreams. That will help you determine what the message from God is. (2 Cor 3:18, James 1:23)


God, the church.  (a mother knows her infants cry… often times God is described as a mother.) Psalm 91, Isaiah 44:2, Is 49:15, Matt 23:37, Isaiah 66:13


Not prepared.  Humiliation.  Transparency. Vulnerable.


Nosy, in your business. Hard nosed or suborn.

Number One:

Unity of the Father Son and Holy Spirit..John 10:30

Number two:

Meaning of Union, division, or the verification of facts . Witnesses, marriage or between Christ and the Church. Gen 2:23-24, 1Corinthians 12, Rev 21:8

Number Three:

Trinity..Father, Son Holy, Spirit

Number Four:

Creation. Gen 1:14-19 Also, the Fourth Commandment is to keep the Sabbath. (Exodus 20:9-11)  Earthly dominion.  Not enough (Gen 1:16)

Number Five:

God’s grace John 1:16

Number Six:

Human weakness, sin, six days of labor. Judges 12:17

Number Seven:

Number of perfection..God completed creation in seven days Gen 1:1

Number Eight:

New beginning Romans 2:28-29, Colossians 2:11-13

Number Nine:

Devine completeness, finality. Christ died at the ninth hour, or 3p.m. Nine sections of the fruit of the Spirit= faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, long suffering, love, peace and self control. Galatians 5:22-23

Number Ten:

Perfection, Ten Commandments, law, tithe, order, completeness Exodus 12:3, John 12:28-29, 1 Cor 5:7.

Number Eleven:

Chaos, Rebellion against God and His commandments,pride (”one up” God) Gen 11, Rev 20:12-14 Offense/Offended. Exodus 10:28, Numbers 24:10, 1Kings 13:4, 1Kings 22:27, 2Chron 16:10

Number Twelve:

Perfect number that represents God’s power and authority. Lev 24, Matt 28:18, Rev 7, Rev 14:1-5, Rev 21:16-17

Number Thirteen:

Rebelliousness and lawlessness, Gen 10:9 , 1 Kings 11:7, Revelation 19:20, Revelation 20:9-10, 14-5

Number Fourteen:

Double measure of spiritual perfection 2X7 generations, the genealogy of Jesus. Matt 1

Number Fifteen:

Rest. Gen 15

Number Sixteen:

Love. Redemption (Matt 22:37-40, 1Cor 13:13)

Number Seventeen:

Overcoming the enemy and complete victory. Rev 13:1-8

Number Eighteen:

Bondage. Judges 3:12,14, 10:7-8

Number Nineteen:

Perfection of God’s Judgment

Number Twenty:

Complete and perfect waiting period. Ten twice. Gen 31:38-41, Judges 4:5

Number Twenty One:

Rebellion against God, Sin, after released from bondage in Egypt, God’s people performed twenty one acts of rebellion against God. Exodus, Revelation 20:10

Number Twenty Two:

Double eleven, twenty also means rebellion.

Number Twenty Four:

Associated with the priesthood.

Number Twenty Five:

Grace Upon Grace, 20 meaning redemption, and five meaning grace.


Calling on the Lord (when calling) being called (when receiving a phone call.)


Looking at a picture or photo: looking into the past, remembering with good memories.


Leader of the ministry or church.


Fake, artificial, deceit (trying to play off like it’s the real thing.)


Law, legal, evil, tyranny (Isaiah 54:17 king James)


Awaiting a ministry, creativity, creating, time has come, full of.


Holiness, Worship of God, Ministry (Exodus 26:10)


Harlot, blood of Jesus Redemption, Sin and flesh, Egypt (Red Sea) (Gen: 25:25, Gen 25:30, Rev 17:16, Rev 19:3)

Rearview mirror:

Looking back into the past.


Demon, Satan (Gen 3:1)


Life, river of life, Jesus, Holy Spirit (Psalm 1:3,Rev 22:1)


The path to which you are heading, walk with God, decision, destiny.

Road work or construction:

A work in progress. God developing and preparing you for what’s ahead. Road block, preventing you from going any further on your own. Preparation needed.




Covering or authority Broken roof means authority issue.

Rubber Band:

Bound, it is breakable in the authority of Jesus..The Word.  The illusion of binding.


Ministry on the road..maybe involving family.


Ministry, worship of God, holiness, redemption, sin (Exodus 26:1)


Position. Depending on the type of shoe, it could mean your walk in a certain position. Like work boots would mean a job of some sort. Or just your walk in Christ, spiritual walk.  Seeing the bottom of a shoe would mean curse.


Going down stairs, falling spiritually, back sliding, falling away from the Lord, from heaven, literally going downstairs.

Going up Stairs: Growing spiritually, reaching spiritual heights, going toward heaven the right direction! Literally going up stairs.

Smart Phone:

Calling on the Lord (when calling) being called (when receiving a phone call.)

Looking at a video of events, prophetic view from the Lord.


Serpent, demon, the devil, bitten by a snake (black viper) gossip and slander, could be Jezebel Spirit.  We have authority over these things in Jesus! (Psalm 91)


Tumultuous times, attack, spiritual warfare, warning of coming attack. (Eek 38:9 Nah 1:3, Is 25:4,Is 28:2)

Sun glasses:

Glory of God, shining so bright need sunglasses; the intense light of God, Glory of God. (Acts 9:3, John 8:12)


Covenant, fellowship, agreement. Take notice of who you are at the table with. If serving a table, may mean ministry serving. God, protection (under the table)


Teeth in scripture refers to an enemy or attack. They can also refer to words spoken. Rotten teeth signifies lies. False teeth can mean words, or lies put into your mouth, (you may be accepting from the enemy.)


Oath, promise.   (Genesis 32:25)


Warning of approaching spiritual attack. Pay attention to the people in the dream and what they are doing. Plus pay attention to how you feel.  The people in the dream may represent a church or place they may be from.  (Eek 38:9 Nah 1:3, Is 25:4,Is 28:2)


Person, life, Jesus, Cross (Exodus 16:25)


Ministry. Big truck, big powerful ministry, small truck, small ministry etc.


Vessel, people , God’s children


Black: Evil, if biting: venomous words spoken against you. (Matt 12:34, Gen 49:17, Acts 28:3, Authority in Jesus- Acts 28:5)


Jesus, Holy Spirit Church. The river of life. In deep, dark water, may mean trouble, if up to the neck. Pay attention to the color of the water. Still Water, the Word of God  (Psalm 23 John 4:10-11, 2Sam 22:5)


Righteousness, purity, redemption, holy.


The Hoy Spirit


Seeing into the prophetic. God showing you the future if looking through a window. Stepping into a window is stepping into the prophetic. Stepping into spiritual growth.


Church (Bride of Christ), actual woman, seductress (woman in red or acting seductive) deceiving spirit.


Cowardly, flesh



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