About Me


Hi, thank you for stopping by.  I believe there is no mistake you are here checking out my blog, and I also believe in divine appointments scheduled by the Father!

I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Malinda.  I am a mom of three, a wife of an amazing and supportive husband, a singer/songwriter and, of course, dreamer!

When I was a little girl, God gave me dreams and visions, but I didn’t know how to understand them fully, or ask God for what they meant.  Throughout my life, the Lord has faithfully given me prophetic dreams and visions to protect me, warn me and to tell me the future in order to encourage and ensure me through difficult times.

Later in my life, I wanted to know more about these mysteries.   So I dove deep into the Word of God to find answers.  There, the Holy Spirit began to reveal all kinds of examples from His heart through the supernatural and prophetic.   God revealed that I wasn’t alone and that  what I had experienced was in fact genuine prophecies from God through the Holy Spirit!

I have heard it said that dreams from God are His way of getting our attention when our logical mind is not going to get in the way.  When He has our undivided attention, he gives us what we can call “night parables”.

Here, I want to share what I’ve learned, and help you to interpret your dreams and visions through scripture.  I have created a dream dictionary of Biblical dream symbols, examples of dreams I have had, plus testimonies of the dreams and visions of others.

My heart is toward those who may be experiencing prophetic dreams and visions for the first time, or those who have had them for years, but don’t really understand that they are from the Father.  I offer a free resource for those who need real answers, and to be encouraged through other’s dreams and visions.  God is pouring out His Spirit among his children, and we need to take this seriously, without second guessing that these messages are from the creator of the universe!

With all that said, the key here, is to ask the Lord to reveal the meaning of your dreams and visions.  After all, God is the author!  I am just here to support you and to offer real tools to understanding what God may be speaking to you.

I look forward to exploring what the Lord reveals as we take this journey together.  Make sure you don’t forget to follow this blog and connect with me. Contact Us  I’d love to hear about your dreams and visions!  If you need guidance to help you with your own prayerful interpretation, I’d be more than honored to help you.  I look forward to meeting you!

Many Blessings,