Ways We Can Hear From The Lord


(I see a cross in this sunset.  My husband captured it on his phone, but he said it was much better in person)

It’s not happenstance!  Have you ever been watching a movie and the scene you are watching just jumps out to you and goes straight to you heart, or see a bird fly and land right in front of you when you’re feeling discouraged?

Well, here’s a challenge for you, tomorrow, be watching for God to be speaking to you. Stop and have a “Selah” moment.  He’s all around us, speaking to us all the time.  That’s something to get excited about!

Here’s a list a friend gave to me of ways God often speaks to us:

  • Reading the Bible
  • Music
  • Spouse
  • Friend
  • Boss
  • Stranger
  • Books
  • Creation
  • Piece of Art
  • Billboard
  • A dance
  • Still small voice
  • Taste
  • Sermon
  • People
  • Movies
  • Circumstances
  • Dream
  • Impression
  • Memories
  • Visual pictures popping into your mind
  • Person popping into your mind
  • Trance, like when God shows you something and you feel like your not in the room.  (Jesus Encounter)
  • Fragrance
  • Songs
  • Mail/email/letters/cards
  • So much more!


I took this picture at the City Market South parking lot early last month.  Everything else around it seemed dead (plants that is).

The word “Hope” was impressed upon my spirit.  This flowering plant looked dead during winter, but it came back to life!  With God all things are possible, and He makes beautiful things out of the dust; from ashes to beauty!  Selah

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