Four Steps To Dream Journaling

If you are a dreamer, and you have symbolic dreams, they could be dreams from the God.

In this post I share some quick steps to take to organize and remember your dreams.

  1. Write down your dreams right away.  Even if you wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream.  This way you won’t for get it.
  2. After you have written it down (and you’re up)circle any symbols that stand out to you….like colors, cars, people, purse, house etc….if it’s dark or light, plus how you felt.
  3. Then look up the symbols in a dream dictionary, like Night Parables Biblical Dream Dictionary
  4. Pray that the God reveals the meaning of the dream to you.  The Holy Spirit will   show you the meaning of the dream.

If you need help with interpretation, Contact Me I’d love to hear your dream and help you interpret it!

Check out this nifty info gram I made for some more information.  Have fun!