God Will Test Us

Nine Ways God Will Test His Children.

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Have you ever wondered why you may be going through something difficult, and you cry out to God?  Does the test just keep coming back again and again?  Do you ever feel like you are on a spinning hampster wheel, never really getting to the place of purpose or calling on your life?  Well you are not alone.

Every Christian will endure these situations in their lives.  It’s just recognizing what they are, and why they may be happening over and over again.  We all need to find out the secret to passing the tests God has trusted us with.

Years ago, I remember reading a book called The Purpose Driven Life.   It made a huge difference in the way I viewed the Lord’s character, and that he created me for a specific purpose!  Ultimately our purpose is to glorify and worship the Lord, but I was asking Him, “From what platform do I live this purpose?”  

The Purpose Driven Life  opened my eyes to something totally new.  It made a whole lot of sense and it got me thinking.  “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”  I was happy as a wife and mother.  However, I still wondered about my identity as a child of God, and wondered what else He had for me.

As I began to seek the Lord for my purpose, I remember sitting down on my living room floor asking him to get rid of all the junk in my life, and to make me the woman He meant for me to be without all the baggage I picked up along the way!

So, within about a week, I began to go through the most trying time in my life; Major testing through a very hot fire.  My husband and I lost everything material, and it was horrible.  We lost our house, our cars, my job.  All because of lies from jealous, opportunistic people who wanted to steal my purpose, my calling.  The enemy used them to try to take my family too, but God didn’t let him!  

(This reminds me of the scene in the movie War Room where the lead character went through her house and told Satan to “Get out! This house is under new management!” Such a powerful movie, I own it on Amazon Prime Movies, and I watch it like once a week.  It keeps me pumped for the power of God through prayer!)

So, I didn’t make the connection between these devistating events, and me asking God to destroy my baggage until I started to get into the Word of God.  That was when I began to understand I was going through the fire, and God was asking me to trust him with the pain, the fear, the loss and the sorrow.   

God rescued us out of that hot fire, and we have been completely restored.  Kind of like the last chapter in Job, when he prayed for his friends out of obedience, and God totally restored everything he lost, and more!  We went through the fire, but we didn’t get burned!

I have heard it said that we are either headed toward the fire, going through the fire, or coming out of the fire.  God has his reasons for refining and testing his children.  

Here, I have listed nine tests from my notes on David Diga Hernandez  teaching out of the story of Joseph, in Genesis 37 through Genesis 41.  

 Nine Ways God Tests Us

The Test of Being Misunderstood.  Others will be jealous of you when God puts a blessing on your life.  In Genesis 37:1-11 , Joseph was anointed to receive dreams and their interpretations from God.  When he told his brothers about it, it made them super jealous.  ( a very dangerous emotion by the way)

The Test of Preparation and Service.  In Genesis 37:12-14 ,God takes Joseph into a place of humble service as a slave after his brothers sold him into slavery.  God will test our hearts to see if we will be willing to serve in a really hard way.  Will our pride fail us for the test?  God detests pride more than any other sin, and when pride arrives on the scene, the fall will surely follow.

The Test of Betrayal.   When Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, he had a choice to become bitter, or to run to God for strength to pass the test. Genesis 37:18-28

The Test of Discouragement.  Joseph was sold to Potiphar after being sold by his own brothers.  (Genesis 39: 1-2) Joseph served through discouragement and remained persistent.  Persistence doesn’t start until you’ve given all you have, and you just keep giving with an attitude of gratitude.  Joseph succeed and passed the test, he worked unto the Lord, not unto man.

The Test of Blessings After a trial is over, there may be a temptation to relax a little, spiritually.  Maybe we get complacant and we don’t press into God like we did in the fire.  In Genesis 39:3-20 Joseph may have thought the promotion to serve in the house of Potiphar was his purpose.  But then the test of Potiphar’s wife came along.  She falsely accused him, and instead of killing him, Potiphar sent him to prison with a position to over see the prisoners.  God honored Joseph through this prison sentence.  It was actually a promotion by God to prepare Joseph for even greater things.  Joseph did not succumb to the temptation of Potiphar’s wife.  He passed the “Blessing Test” by reacting with Godly integrity, and God promoted Him to the next test. 

The Test of Faithfulness  In Genesis 39:21-23, Joseph experienced the darkest moments; It get’s darkest before the dawn.  Victory was just around the corner for Joseph.  God had him in hiding for years to build in him a firm foundation in order to be fully equipped for what was next.   It’s kind of like when a contractor builds a tall building.  He spends time on the foundation, making sure it is sturdy so when the rest of the building is built, it won’t crash to the ground.

The Test of Jealousy. (Genesis 40:1-9) Joseph could have  had feelings of jealousy when the others were released from prison before him.  Of course, one of them didn’t have the greatest future ahead of him, but the Baker did.  He didn’t tell Pharaoh about Joseph’s gift in dream interpretation as promised.  

The Test of Hiddenness . Also from Genesis 40, we see that Joseph was hidden for many years. (Just before the blessing comes, it looks hopeless.) But putting his people in hiding is the step right before he blesses them with great things. We must remain faithful and grow in these times of testing; Trusting God for what He has in store.

The Test of Faith.  In Genesis 41, God gives Pharaoh a dream, and uses it to promote Joseph. It requires faith to answer the call of God. He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called for His glory!  

I don’t know about you, but I want to pass the test of faith, stop spinning my wheels, and trust God for the grace to keep on going!


I would like to introduce you to David Diga Hernandez, of Spirit Church online ministry in Downey, California.  

Here he teaches on his sermon: Divine Tests.  Get a cup of coffee and settle in for a while with David.  You will be blessed!



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