Britt Nicole’s Word of Knowledge

Britt Nicole’s Amazing Word of Knowledge Britt Nicole and Me  in the Fall of two thousand twelve.   I went to a Christian conference with my daughter Moriah, called “Adored” held in Littleton, Colorado.   For Moriah, it was a wonderful time of growth, inspiration and encouragement.   It was the same for me in a certain, unexpected way….


 Nicole was the featured musician of this special event, and my daughter was really looking forward to it. The church building was filled with scurrying mothers, eager daughters and church staff, and there was a buzz and excitement in the air.  Soon, we all would hear the singer and song writer minister through her music, and I would soon be learning of her prophetic gifting.

As the sanctuary doors opened for seating, I heard the Lord tell me to trust him for my seat assignment, and not try to find a seat with the least possible decibel level in the house. (Something I am totally bent on doing because the louder music is harder for me to endure these days. I have a little tinnitus caused by years of standing in front of a drum kit from my music ministry days.) Anyway, I was going to try to find a seat in the middle back row. That’s when I heard the Holy Spirit say “Trust me for a place to sit, I have a plan.”

So I just stood there for about two seconds and I heard a voice calling my name from up front. I said “Yes Lord?”…. (No, I’m kidding, it was actually coming from one of the other moms who had joined us with her daughter for the conference.) So, I said in my spirit, “Okay Lord, that’s where you want me to sit, so here I go.” (I was chuckling inside a little at this moment. It was a moment worth savoring. I absolutely wanted to remember the feeling that came over me as I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to me….a cherished moment.) I walked over to where she was calling me, thinking my ears would certainly be ringing after the concert, considering I would be sitting in the front. But as it turned out it wasn’t loud at all. (I should have known better, as it turned out, the volume was perfect. Sorry I doubted you Britt, you are amazing in concert.)

As I sat down in front next to my friend, I asked the Lord, “Jesus, if this isn’t it, please direct me to the seat you want me to sit in and order my steps. But there was no prompting from the Holy Spirit, or voices from friends calling my name. So, I stayed in that seat in faith, wondering why I was supposed to sit in that specific place.

It’s Go Time

The concert began, and as I’m sure you can imagine, there were intense screams of excitement coming from the audience. After all, they were about to encounter their role model, whom they have been listening to on the radio, and more importantly, they were about to see her live and in person before their very eyes!

It was amazing!!! There were relevant images flashing in sync with the booming music running through the state of the art sound system. The band, taking their places on stage, layered in notes, preparing the way for Britt to make her appearance. Suddenly, there was a peak in loudness in the form of very high pitched screams coming from the audience. In came Britt, skipping and jumping to the beat of the music as she sang with her amazing vocal chops. (I’m thinking to myself, “she must be having so much fun experiencing God’s favor on her life right now…good times”.)

After a few up beat songs, it came time for her to talk to the girls and encourage them. She told them how much Jesus loves them and prayed over some individually as the music played in the background. Her band was there to support her at any moment as the Holy Spirit led her. She would walk over to certain people and lay her hand on their head praying for them and giving them words of knowledge from the Lord. It was absolutely amazing! Can you imagine the impact something like that would have on these young people?

“Britt brought her band over to surround my mother in prayer and they prayed like my mother had never heard young people pray.”

My Kingdom Moment With Britt

As she sang and stopped to pray over people who were lined up along the edge of the stage She paused at stage right, and looked through the glare of the lights and looked up at me. She stood up and proceeded to walk to the other side of the stage and started singing again. As she started her way back to stage right, where I was sitting, I sensed something was about to happen, My heart began to race. My logical side was thinking what on earth would she be looking at me for? The Holy Spirit was telling me, “you are about to get a word of knowledge from Britt Nicole!” I didn’t know what to think. I’m a mom at this event for my daughter, Lord, certainly Britt won’t have a word of knowledge for a mom!

In order to understand the real impact of this experience, I have to give you some background. Three years prior, I was going through the fight for my life, and my mom came to visit me in Denver. Actually, both my parents came to visit at that time. Anyway, they were waiting at Denver International Airport at the arrivals area because it was less crowded than the pick up area. As they stood on the curb, my mom had a distraught look on her face while waiting at the curb. Britt, whom my seventy year old mother had no idea who she was, didn’t blink an eye as she came over to ask my mom if she needed prayer. My mother told her what was happening in her daughters life (me). Britt brought her band over to surround my mother in prayer and they prayed like my mother had never heard young people pray before…what a testimony of Godly young people.

A bit later, we picked up my parents and my mom told me about this Christian musician. She thought her name was Nicole or something but couldn’t remember for sure. The young musicians had stopped and prayed for her. I tried to guess who it could be. As I threw out Christian musicians names, it dawned on us, Britt Nicole? She said, “yes, that’s it!” We were in awe of God for that divine appointment. The fact that God used someone in music ministry to speak to my mom was very meaningful being that I am also a musician. I thought it was special that a talented music minister was praying for me.

Now that I gave you some background, the rest of the story will just seem that much more amazing. As I stood watching the band, who my mother encountered three years ago in a chance meeting in an airport, I was in awe that the Lord was about to bless me again through Britt Nicole! But it was happening. Britt stopped and looked at me again from the stage in the middle of her song. She knelt down at the edge of the stage to get a closer look through the spot light, then locked eyes with me. I am telling you it looked like fire was behind her eyes. I imagine if one of the major prophets in the Bible looked at me, this is the kind of fire that would be in their eyes. I mean there was no literal light, but definitely a furious spiritual light. There is no doubt God was giving her a message, and it was for me. She looked straight at me and said “You” as she pointed directly at me. (Since this conference was for the youth, it was different that she was talking to me, one of the moms. But she wanted to make no mistake about it. Regardless, I still looked around to make sure.)

This is what she said. “You! God is not finished with you yet. You may think it’s your daughters turn now, and that God will not use you anymore, but it’s not true. Peter had to get out of the boat, and you need to get out of the boat.”

I couldn’t help but ball my eyes out. Through her, God was speaking to the very core of my heart. I hadn’t told anyone, except my husband, how I was feeling and she just laid it out, into the microphone, for a very large audience to hear! You just have to laugh about that! I Praise God for this encouraging word. After all I had been through, I felt like it was over for me. I’m older and I had my turn. Now I was planning on raising up my daughter for music ministry. But God had different plans. Even though he was bringing me through the desert at the time, he was just preparing me for the next amazing blessing in my life.


I tell you this story to encourage you. If you are reading this right now and you have lost hope for one reason or another, don’t give up. God is just preparing you for something better. Trust me on this because I’m living this out as I write. God is unfolding the biggest blessing of my life through His wonderful plans for me. Don’t forget that God loves you more than you can ever imagine.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Isaiah 61:3-6 Jeremiah 29:11

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